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  • Staying safe amid the Covid-19 barrage

    The last 18 months have seen a raft of phishing mails, malware and social engineering scams all designed to exploit uncertainty and anxiety arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and related issues. The striking points are the speed with which these scams appeared, how quickly they spread and of course, how large numbers of people fell for them.

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  • Russia officially named as the source of many ransomware attacks

    To those in the industry it won’t be a surprise but cybercriminals from Russia and neighbouring states are behind the majority of online extortion conducted against businesses and other organisations in Britain, according to the UK’s cybersecurity agency. To this we can also say pretty much the same applies to Western Europe and also to a large extent the US.

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  • Red flag alert. Supermarket scam emails offer gift cards up to £100 for completing a survey

    A spate of phishing mails purporting be from UK supermarkets, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco have been catching people out. The email messages promises gift cards of up to £100 for completing a marketing survey, which of course is a hoax.

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  • User data protection feature request

    This feature will protect the user personal data from being accessed, modified or deleted by malwares...

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  • BullGuard quarantines explorer.exe?

    NorthPole Advanced member Date Joined Aug 2016 Total Posts: 134 I was rather taken aback earlier this morning when a BullGuard pop-up message reported that explorer.exe...

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  • SWTOR Problem

    Had this issue with SWTOR,if Parent controls are active Bullguard blocks the game..I have been in contact with support and recently emailsent to me with the following...

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