by BullGuard

One of the best… again

BullGuard has again come out on top in the latest AV Comparatives performance test for September 2017, beating out many other anti-malware security software vendors. AV Comparatives is an independent organization based in Austria that regularly tests and assesses antivirus software. Its performance test is designed to assess the impact of ...

by Steve Bell

Staying safe on social media

Recently a woman stole photos of babies from Instagram and reposted them, claiming the babies were sick or dead in a bid to extract money from sympathetic social media users. The woman was sentenced to a two-year criminal behaviour order banning her from using any social media accounts and passing another person's photo off as her own.

by Steve Bell

Happy birthday – thousands of cyber-attacks stopped

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) celebrates its first anniversary this month. Set up last October as part of Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) it acknowledges it has much work to do but said that in its first 12 months  it has “prevented thousands of attacks… and has managed the UK's response to hundreds of incidents.”