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by BullGuard

Fake Iceland and Morrisons ads on Facebook, council tax scams

Spoof Facebook accounts posing as Iceland and Morrisons have been shared thousands of times. The posts say the supermarkets have ‘thousands of food products due to expire’ that they’d ‘normally bin’, but are instead giving it all away to anyone who shares and comments on the post.

by BullGuard

Hackers stalk hackers in compromised government network

You’d think that major organisations would have cyber security nailed down, especially government departments. But not necessarily so. Recent revelations reveal how one US government agency had hackers in their network for months and had no idea.

by BullGuard

Major cybercriminal online forum shut down

US law enforcement has shut down one of the largest cybercriminal online forums in the world known as RaidForums. This English-language online marketplace was a go-to place for cybercriminals to buy and sell databases stolen from organizations in ransomware and other cyber attacks.